Membership Benefits

Finance & Liquidity Commission (FinLC) is a special Financial Service whose major objective is to provide a fair resolution process between traders and the broker. Finance & Liquidity Commission is currently encouraging brokerage companies to become its members. The membership with Finance & Liquidity Commission service gives a lot of benefits for both the member-brokers and their clients. FinLC guarantees professionalism, transparency, an additional boost to the company’s reputation, and something more. Here are the key points that are included in the Finance & Liquidity Commission policies.

Provide clients with real transparency

Clients of brokerage companies are always looking for transparency, simply because they want to be aware of whom they are dealing with. Everything about transparency matters, and we always try to remind our members of that. Clients like it when all the conditions, from trading to referral systems, are understandable and aren’t hidden by the provider. 

Membership with the Finance & Liquidity Commission is one of the ways to provide clients with real transparency in terms of the dispute resolution process. Our service is completely exposed to both potential members and customers. Traders may learn about the way we conduct the dispute resolution procedure, our compensation fund, and other aspects they might be interested in.

Provide clients with the possibility to count on unbiased and professional dispute resolution

Very often, traders give up the idea of working with a certain brokerage firm not because they don’t like the diversity of financial instruments or analytical tools, but because they don’t know how the potential dispute between them will be resolved. Clients don’t want to risk their money without the warranty that they won’t lose them due to issues non-related to the trading process itself.

The brokers, who cannot provide fair dispute resolution, lose a lot of clients. You can avoid this by joining the Finance & Liquidity Commission. Members of our organization can guarantee unbiased dispute resolution to our clients because it’s our goal to drive fair judgments. FinLC doesn’t have any partnership agreements with its members. Therefore, we ensure you and your clients that the investigation will consider only objective factors and proofs. This is what traders really need. They don’t trust organizations somehow affiliated with brokers because they understand the potential risks. That’s why they look for providers that might offer completely independent dispute resolution. You can become one by joining FinLC.

Make sure that all clients will get the services of the highest quality

Professionalism is the main characteristic to ensure quality investigation services. If clients see that the broker is a member of Finance & Liquidity Commission, they can make a logical assumption that this broker will always execute a trade and will do everything to do this at the appropriate speed. If not, clients can simply file a complaint against the provider and regain money lost because of the company’s fault.

Membership with the Finance & Liquidity Commission is also an additional boost of confidence for brokers themselves. The commission guarantees independent investigation. This means that if the client’s complaint doesn’t correspond to the real circumstances or there is evidence of abuse by the trader, the broker will be protected against reputational risks.

Decrease the risk of spoiling the company’s image

Reputation matters to any business. This is especially relevant for companies that provide financial services. It’s vital for them to avoid controversial cases and pay effort to the development of a positive image in the public eye. One of the ways to do this is to join the Finance & Liquidity Commission.

The company will have a good image if it will protect the rights of its clients. The reputation will remain good if the broker can ensure customers that they won’t lose money because of actions, non-related to trading directly. Additionally, the company will have a good image if there are no reasons to file complaints against it.

Many companies have everything to become more serious participants in the industry of brokerage service providence. The only thing they might often lack is trust. There are different reasons why potential clients might not trust the broker. For instance:

Company lacks regulation

Company cannot guarantee that disputes will be resolved fairly

Company is registered under poor jurisdiction

Company is young, and it hasn’t managed to gain a loyal customer base

Company fails the promotional campaign

All these problems might provoke concerns in minds of traders. Finance & Liquidity Commission provides its members with the possibility to avoid the majority of listed issues. Membership with our dispute resolution body will help the company to boost the confidence of potential clients. Traders trust financial services providers if they have strong proofs that the providers won’t scam them. Membership with FinLC is one such proof.

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