What we do

The Finance & Liquidity Commission or FinLC is a self-sufficient financial supervisor that also executes functions of the legal body that resolves disputes between clients and brokers under the External Dispute Resolution scheme. The Financial Services and Commission Licence Regulator is focused on licencing companies on the forex market. The lack of regulation under the rules of the official jurisdiction does not create any obstacles for FinLC in terms of providing transparency to our clients.

The major goal of the Finance & Liquidity Commission is to enable quick and efficient resolution of potential disputes that might occur between the brokers and their clients. FinLC guarantees that all the decisions are completely independent and unbiased, relying only on a legal basis.

The team of the Finance & Liquidity Commission consists of professionals who have vast experience in working on the Forex market. Thus, they are able to provide a just resolution to every dispute that might potentially occur between traders and our clients that provide brokerage services. Except for the regulation of brokers’ activity, we guarantee compensations, if necessary, conduct unbiased investigations, and more. Learn more about FinLC, its responsibilities, services, and warranties.

Protection by Commission’s Compensation Fund

In relationships between forex brokers and clients, FinLC acts like an independent 3rd party body that might provide compensation to the client in order to accelerate the process of dispute resolution. The Commission’s Compensation Fund of the supervisor is capable of covering the needs of clients who suffer because of the broker’s actions.

The commission’s compensation fund is a kind of insurance that is provided after the final judgment of the regulatory body is made. All the funds that belong to this fund cannot be used for any purpose but to cover the compensations. The fund is formed of monthly membership fees paid by the clients of the Finance & Liquidity Commission.
The compensation issued from this fund might cover not all the losses. The money from commissions might only be used for a judgment that has been issued by the Finance & Liquidity Commission. This amount is not supposed to pay back or refund losses incurred while engaging in self-directed trading.

Free education materials and tips for all levels of experience

We take care of traders not only in terms of preserving their rights but in terms of providing a high-quality trading education as well. We provide necessary training and educational materials to clients with different experiences, knowledge, and skills. With us, both beginners and professional traders will find all the types of information that are necessary to show the best possible during trading activities with our members. We teach traders about:

  • The basic principles of Forex trading. Clients have the possibility to learn about the basics of this activity – from calculating points of the spreads to managing the positions;
  • Market Analysis. The course of the market analysis is developed to improve the traders’ basic skills of technical and fundamental analysis. This will help to make more efficient decisions.
  • Trading Psychology. Emotional thinking isn’t what traders need to make good profits and show good performances. A successful trader must be keen on managing their emotions so that to make fact-driven decisions.
  • Trading strategies. Developing a trading strategy to suit one’s specific needs and abilities might be a difficult task. We can teach you, or at least, display the most widely used and effective strategies.
  • Stock trading. Our members also provide the possibility to trade securities of international companies. In order not to fail, a trader must know what to pay attention to when trading stocks and shares.
  • CFDs. The introduction of the contracts for differences has heavily impacted the financial markets. Since CFDs are considered complex instruments, beginning traders must be taught how to trade them to succeed.

Currently, we are working on the base of educational materials that will be capable of providing proficient knowledge about the aspects listed above. To make the information relevant, we will always upgrade and update it.  Except for the education, we provide relevant tips for clients who already trade with our members. The tips are created by an industry expert with many years of experience in Forex trading. They are all based on relevant conditions of the financial markets.

educatioanal materials

A swift and efficient investigation and resolution process

FinLC guarantees quick and efficient investigation. The dispute resolution process consists of a few basic stages. Here is the description of every relevant stage.

FinLC receives a complaint. If the clients of our members face incidents that must be resolved, they have 45 days to report the incident that happens if this incident cannot be resolved with the broker first. The members have a total of 20 days to process the complaints of their clients and answer them. If the client does not receive a satisfying decision from the broker within this term, he or she can file a complaint to the Finance & Liquidity Commission.

Investigation. The regulator has 5 business days to process the client’s request and verify whether the grounds of the complaint are valid. Within this term, the responsible officer will gather the information from both the broker and the client, in order to figure out if the investigation will settle the issue. If the 5-days investigation is not enough, the complaint will go to the next stage of the process.

Determination stage. The final decision is made after the regulator analyses the requested documents and the information provided by the broker and the client. If the regulator needs to collect more data, it will ask the parties to provide it. They will have 7 days to send the additional information if necessary.

Awards and Orders. If the complaint is resolved and the client is satisfied with the resolution, he or she has 14 days to accept it. If the regulator does not receive an answer from the client within this period, the complaint is considered resolved and closed. If the client accepts the decision, the broker is obliged to award the settlement within 28 days.

Ability to learn and receive answers

Members of our community are forex brokers that provide access to the Forex market and also other types of financial sectors. Since the FinLC organization is a trusted supervisor that protects traders and provides equal conditions to brokers. The regulatory body deals with a number of popular international brokerage services and exchanges, and it tries to make sure that all the clients of these companies have their rights secure.

Membership in the Finance & Liquidity Commission is a great chance to learn more about the market and the competition in this industry. Therefore, the company will be able to improve the quality of its services, make conditions more customer-oriented and attract more clients to the offers. Except for the ability to learn and receive quick answers to urgent questions, our members will get the following benefits if they join us.

What do we provide for Brokerages?

  • Secure legitimacy of the company and better public image on the market;
  • A higher level of business transparency;
  • A bigger number of clients who are confident in the safety of the cooperation;
  • The complete protection of traders’ interests;
  • A higher level of the order execution processes;
  • Quick resolution of potential issues;
  • A lower chance to face reputational risks that are usually caused by the lack of regulation.

What is so special about the Commission?

Finance & Liquidity Commission is uniting the FX brokers who know that proper conduct will be the top value required in all dealings and producing educated and smarter traders who know how things exactly work. We have also developed a transparent and straightforward approach to self-regulation in the digital currency markets, by providing free dispute resolution services between traders, exchanges, and financial firms.

By joining the Finance & Liquidity Commission, companies are demonstrating their commitment to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices in conducting their business, regardless of their licenses and locations. These activities come together to create a cleaner, more credible Forex environment overall.